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In praise of...

  • DAVID J. SWANSON WINS PANOWSKI PLAYWRITING AWARD. His play A Paper Tiger in the Rain was produced at Northern Michigan University last fall.  Read the press release for all the details.

  • A Paper Tiger in the Rain has been published by Heartland Plays, inc.

    • Click the link for a preview and more information on securing performance rights.

  • Hotel Jerusalem receives public staged reading at the University of New Hampshire as part of the Woodward International Playwriting prize. 


"Hours after you leave... you will be thinking about the powerful story told on stage."

Savanna Hennig, on A Paper Tiger in the Rain

The Northwind

"Hotel Jerusalem... takes listeners to Israel to witness historic events for themselves"

Katherine Lesnyk, on Hotel Jerusalem

The New Hampshire

"This book is a needed resource for churches not just in our day, but for the days to come."

D.A. Horton, on Theatre for Church, Vol 1

Author of G.O.S.P.E.L.

"A timely and poignant new work"

Martyn Martello, on A Paper Tiger in the Rain

Marquette Magazine

"What a GREAT Play! I laughed so hard!"

Online review after reading of A Portrait of the Con Artist


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