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Adventure awaits...

The Julian Ark
A Madison Dawn Adventure
ISBN 978-0615703503

Madison Dawn always thought that she was meant for more than a life of tedious paper-pushing at her desk job in the flatlands of Kansas. Yet, she never imagined that she would be swept up into the search for one of history’s greatest secrets.

After a traffic accident on a particularly lousy Monday morning, Madison is taken captive by treasure hunter James Kynan who explains that she was unknowingly carrying an enormous Byzantine ruby cut into the shape of an arrowhead. This ruby is the key to Roman Emperor Caligula’s long-hidden treasure. Until recently, it was the property of a crime syndicate of antiquity dealers known as the Giovanni organization. Now, they want it back.
Madison’s only hope is to join forces with James and find Caligula’s treasure before Giovanni can claim it for themselves. The secrets the ruby key reveals will change Madison's life, and history's view of the Roman Empire, forever.

Read the first three chapters here.

Available on Amazon and Smashwords
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